The Vineyards

The Story of a Wine is Relived through its Vineyards

The vineyards, which were planted in Semonte, Gubbio in 2009, are nurtured with calcareous, loose earth, rich in rock fragments and good quality organic substances, which represent an extremely important element in reaching a suitable vegeto-reproductive balance.

The vines of the Semonte Farm are densely planted, with about 6.300 plants per hectare, and the production of each individual plant has been fixed at less than one kilogram of grapes per vine (4-5 bunches).

The brusque temperature difference from day and night, especially in the final stage of ripening and in the months of June and July, together with sufficient irrigation during the entire vegetation development phase, are important factors that contribute in giving the wine its intense red fruity, undergrowth and cherry aroma, thus allowing it to reach good levels of alcohol and acidity.

In fact, all this is proven and confirmed by the technological parameters reached by our wines in these first years of cultivation. Therefore, the outlook for very fine wine production is great, also thanks to high aging potential given by large aromatic structures and olfactory complexity; typical of those wine districts that stand out for their uniqueness and typicality.